Saturday, 6 December 2008

What a day

Had an unexpected day today... or is it yesterday... started normally going to the office at 9 am... had the usual morning management meeting which lasted late due to a lot of arising issues until 11am. Then had a nightmare at the water intake processing plant when the main intake tank was leaking and had to scramble the maintenance guys to drain the tank and weld back the leaking area. That one took 6 hours to complete. 

Also got a meeting in the afternnon but that one only lasted for 30 minutes but luckily i was not the one in the center of crisis and watched somebody else got the drubbing from the boss. The resort van broke down and had to go out at 5pm and search for a rental van.. found one after going to a few places and came back to the resort at 7pm +.

Had time for a glass of nescafe tarik but had to go check 14 rooms handed over by the contractor until nearly 11pm only finished. In the same time had numerous calls from regarding work till my HP battery is low.

Then went and had dinner until nearly 12. Was just sitting down and writing my report then received a report that a guest is sick. Escort the guest to the hospital and waited until the guest was discharged at 4.15am after receiving outpatient treatment. Reached the resort at 5.10 am and wrote a report till 5.45am. Then visit and kacau senahspeaker... haha... what the heck... had to record this day in my blog.. fuhhhhh... the end