Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Went to Bangi the other day and was reccomended by a friend to makan makan at SOHO in Bangi. When I arrived at the place, the makcik has already arrived earlier and ordered Limau Suam and Tauhu Bakar. I shared the tauhu bakar and it actually tastes good with all the right flavour combined to make it one of the best that i have ever tasted. Still cannot beat the Tauhu Bakar at the old Food Court at Section 14 PJ(near the old Jaya Supermarket/below the parking ) though. That one was better.

We proceed to other dinner and the makcik ordered Nasi Goreng Kerabu and yours truly ordered Nasi Goreng SOHO. We also decided on Kerapu Bakar and Kerabu Perut. When the food arrived at an acceptable time after our order..(the service there is normal.. not  fast and not too slow) we started to indulge ourselves with the food.

The Nasi Goreng Kerabu was nothing exceptional and the presentation was like any other 'TomYam Shop'. The taste is bordering to bland and nothing special about it. I would not reccomend that to anyone who wants to try this dish. Try others... not the Nasi Goreng Kerabu!

My dish was Nasi Goreng SOHO. In terms of Food Presentation, only one simple word... OUT.. no presentation at all. But wait!!!! the taste... it tastes like Nasi Goreng Maggi Mee Kari.. thats right.. the perencah kari of Maggi Mee.. the makcik tasted it and come to the same conclusion. For a signature dish which features the Restaurant's name... they use Maggi Mee perencah!!! The only thing which is positive about the dish was the four medium size udang that they put there.. i couln't the grade size but it's somewehere between small and medium grade. Other than that, nothing special about this supposed to be special dish...

The next thing we ordered was the Kerabu Perut... to keep things simple.. just one statement.... NO GOOD... don't order this.

Lastly.. the Ikan Bakar.. we choosed kerapu and guest what.. there was only one kerapu available at the Ikan Bakar Stall.. hampess... so, we had to take that one... and when the dish arrived... it was covered all over with rempah and Chinese Parsley as garnishing.. after shifting through all the debris, finnally we found the fish. Sad to say that the fish is not fresh.. the flesh is tasteless like it was in the cold room for five months and just came out from storage. However the rempah was good and it covers the bland taste of the fish. 
Verdict for Ikan Bakar.. make sure the fish is fresh than only you order.

As for the price.. All of the above food plus four drinks.. RM 53.00... not money worth spent.

The Ikan picture above is after we consumed half of it... hehehe.. sorry about that.. but lapar.. cannot tahan.. wallop first and think later....

Overall rating for this restaurant...  

Food Quality      :   1/5(NO GO)
Service                  :   2.5/5
Pricing and value for money spent : 2/5


Wani Heaven said...

who is that makcik... oh u curang with me. n one more thing. dont try keuw tiaw kungfu... totally out .