Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hampess Version 1.1

8.33am - Received SMS from OCPD that he's coming to the resort at 11.30 am to see me.

11.30 am - OCPD arrived and had coffee with him and go through the normal pleasentries. Come the serius part on his original intention of coming to the resort? The CPO is coming to stay at the resort from 12-14th of this month.

Hampess... it was supposed to be the resort's management outing weekend and farewell to the Gm who is leaving us at the end of the month. We were supposed to drive to Cameron Highlands and had our farewell dinner there. All arrangements has been made and rooms has been booked. We were looking forward to this trip and made plans since early November. It was initially supposed to be last weekend but we postphoned the trip because of the TV show 'Sarapan Di Mana' wants to come and shoot at the resort... last minute they cancelled the trip... now this... i'm 'fenin' already... How la.. has to do this farewell you know... now this...

Well.... got to get the brain working and try other alternatives.. problem is.. the other weekend cannot go now due to other commitments.

Hampess Tol....!!!!!!!!