Wednesday, 24 December 2008

GM Farewell Dinner

Karaoke Session

Makan Makan Session

Parting gift to the GM

Yours Truly Saying A few Words

A farewell dinner was held to bid goodbye to our GM who has opted to end his contract and pursue his career at a much greener pasture at Ibai Golf and Country Club aka Tuanku Mizan Golf Club last nite(23rd December 2008). We had our dinner session at a private room enjoying a nine course chinese set dinner. All the Department heads of the resort was present in the informal dinner that nite.

Among the items savoured during the dinner was a 4 seasons hot and cold dish which serves spring rolls, calamari, prawns and mussels.

Second course was Sharkfin soup with crabmeat. It was just perfect and no need to add vinegar as sometimes you have to at some Restaurants.

Then come the Butter prawns which was nice also. And scallops in noodle basket. Now. this item i savoured with gusto also as it's damn expensive and not often you would find it served. We also had Free Range Kampung Chicken served in herbal soup which was marvellous. We also had Sweet and Sour Garoupa. For vege we had Siew pak Choy with Black Mushrooms in Oyster sauce. Second last was seafood fried rice and lastly followed by fruit cocktail for dessert.

After the dinner we had a karaoke session. The dinner lasted until midnight when we broke off and made our way back to the jungle again. All in all, it was a nice and enjoyable dinner and luckily they could not persuade me to sing or else it would be raining all the way back.