Friday, 20 March 2009

The 'Puteri Lilin' Gang

Had dinner in Pantai Kelulut last few days with the Puteri Lilin gang. Was actually dragged by them and without much protest i volunteered to be the official 'Bapak Ayam' that nite as there was 4 of the ladies and myself was the only guy during that outing. It's quite a scene also as after the food arrived they were quite busy posing with the food and everybody was looking at our table. Also there were quite some envious stares from other guys at me as the 4 ladies walked behind me all the way to the table. I was tempted to say all 4 of them were my wives and wouldn't that be a nasty suprise to all the guys staring at us...hahaha

All in all, it was a satisfying dinner as we managed to knock off one kilo of kerang bakar, one pari bakar, one siakap steam, one ' ayam laut' bakar berempah and also sotong celup tepung. you never guess looking at their petite sizes (except for only one chubby sized, but pls don't tell her that i called her chubby... mampos aku kena pukul dgn dia) that these girls really can wallop.