Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Cameron Highlands

 Went for a relaxing few days in Cameron and above is the proof..hehehe.. unfortunately this is the only photo of myself in Cameron... i really missed this Cameron.. my fav domestic vacation place. having been born and bred byt the seaside, i tend to runaway from the vacationing by the beach. preferred hte highlands nowadays. of coz the jungle is out of the question also as now has been working in the jungle for 2 1/2 years and quite used to the jungle environment. need something relaxing and cooling and where else but cameron is the best spot. first went there in 1994 and till now, i cannot recall allready how many times i have been there. but always it's either Rosa Pasadena Hotel or Strawberry Park Resort. Have been eyeing the Cameron Highlands Resort runned by YTL Hotels but that property is a little over the budget for me now. Maybe next time though. Another property of YTL of which i liked is the Tanjong Jara Resort, went there for one night a few weeks ago but i forgot to take photo's, but let me tell you one thing. it's worth every cent that you paid for. the room is fantastic, and kudos also to the Housekeeper, He/she managed to have the room spotless and to think of the challenge of being a seaside resort. Mind you, it's very seldom for me to praise resort/hotel housekeepers as being in the Rooms division myself, i tend to be more critical of Housekeeping and always try to find any weaknessses.

The other photos above are of the scenery from the Boh Plantation and also flora and fauna found in Cameron. It seems that those few days is not enough for me. Maybe sometime soon, i'll be making another visit.