Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Biggest Catch

It happened more than two years ago... but, what the heck... i'm gonna brag about it nonetheless. This was the biggest fish that i had caught in my fishing career. Five kilograms of Belida. None that i had caught so far has beaten the record. This was caught in June 2006 at Sg. Mandak in Tasik Kenyir. That was before i migrated to Kenyir and worked here... ever since.. didn't have much time for fishing. Odd isn't it... i got more time to fish when i was working in the city compared to the time i'm working in fishing heaven.

Now, belida is a fish which has is full of those small tiny bones. The best way to eat this fish is by pouring hot water all over the body and then scraping the flesh with a fork. Then u mince the flesh and turn it into fishballs. What u want to do with the fishballs is up to you, i rather like it fried compared to steam. The flesh is white and tastes quite nice. If you want to cook it any other way, be prepared to fight with the bones, be careful though! you don't want to end up in the hospital with the bones sticking in your throat.