Sunday, 24 May 2009

In Loving Memory

Last thursday was the first annivesary of the early demise of my late brother. He passed away one year ago at the still early age of 45. The above picture was taken in 1977 when he was  a young lad of fourteen. I happened to have this in my possesion together with some old photos of myself and my mum and sis which was used in a border pass when we were visiting some relatives in southern Thailand. Found it safely kept by my father when I was going through some things after my father passed away.

Sometimes you just wished you could have more time with the people you love but in today's world you are always busy pursuing worldly desires and forget about appreciating your time with family and friends.... and when they are gone, you would always feel the empty space somewhere deep in your heart and a certain longing for them.. 

To Nik Mohd Yusoff Bin Nik Salleh.. AL-FATIHAH..Peace be upon you my brother


nik qistienna. said...

eh papa lah :)
terharu nye tau. tak sabar nak tunjuk kat mummy!
mase ni papa umur 14 eh? lain sgt muke die.
tq ayah sue! sayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang ayah sue sangatsangat!

*ni blog tina tau, tp syhhh rahsia sikit. english pun broken. he..he..he